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Feel free to contact us whenever you like and we will aim to get back to you ASAP. Before asking us a question please check out what has been asked frequently as you may get your answer instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your boards take to ship?

All of our deliveries are done with royal mail 2nd class shipping. and are posted latest the day after shipping (depending on the time of day that the order is made).

Do PCBs Come with anything else?

No, Our PCBs do not come with anything but the board its self. We are working on making packages that include all of the required components and maybe also the possibility of also having fully assembled boards.

Do the boards have a front plate to go with them?

No, unfortunately we currently have no way of accurately manufacturing front plates for the boards. If you can think of any then please let us know!

What makes these Eurorack compatible?

2 Things: The dimensions, which will be written in the description of each product as well as maybe the title and also the power requirements which are written in the product description and on the PCB board its self.

When are you releasing new designs?

ASAP! I am only 1 guy and trying to balance board creation with my full time job can be difficult, especially as each board goes through multiple iterations before I think they are good enough to release to you, the customer.

How do returns work?

Fill out the contact form to the left of this one with your order number and the reason for your return and we will go from there. I try to reply as fast as possible.