4HP ADSR Envelope Generator


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My new envelope generator. Ohh man was it hard to get this all onto 4HP worth of space!


  • Full ADSR Control
  • Easy to Build
  • Powered by a 555 Timer
  • Fits in a standard 4HP eurorack slot
  • Takes standard ±12V for power
  • Black Front cover (If selected)

Bill Of Materials

Ref Value
C1 10nF
C2 10nF
C3 2.2uF
D1 1N4148
D2 1N4148
D3 1N4148
D4 1N4148
D5 1N4148
J1 Conn_01x02
J2 Conn_01x02
J3 Conn_01x08
Q1 2N3904
Q2 2N3904
Q3 2N3904
R1 10k
R2 4.7K
R3 22K
R4 4.7K
R5 10K
R6 4.7K
R7 4.7K
R8 220
R9 220
R10 220
RV1 10K
RV2 2.2M
RV3 2.2M
RV4 2.2M
U1 LM555
U2 TL072

PCB only, PCB and Front Cover, Cover only